December is here!

December is one of my favorite months in kindergarten!  There are so many exciting things happening to celebrate all of the holidays.  We also are making great leaps in our learning this month!


Have you met Reader Man in your child’s book sack?  He helps the students use their pointer power as they read!  This is one of the many super powers that the students are learning about this month.  Starting next week the students will have a mix of beginning readers and “star books” in their book sacks.  While the students’ reading levels have not been formally tested yet, these beginning readers will make it easier for them to use their super powers as they read.


Writer’s Workshop!

The students are writing personal narratives.  These are stories about their own lives.  Students are touching and telling their stories across the pages of their booklets to plan for writing.  They are drawing pictures and using labels and sentences to make their story strong.  If something exciting or funny happens at home, remind your student that it would be a great thing to write about during Writer’s Workshop!



This week the students did an amazing job decomposing 5!  This is a great skill to work on at home.  If your student has a strong understanding of decomposing 5, challenge him/her and ask him/her to decompose a greater number.




November Learning

This week in kindergarten we learned so much!  The students are building on the foundation of skills that they have developed since the beginning of the year.  Our “trick word wall” is becoming larger and larger.  I always tell the students that these words are like popcorn.  They have to pop in your head when you read them because the letters in the word don’t always match the sounds of the word.  One great way to practice trick words at home is to hunt for them in your child’s book sack books!


We also celebrated Veteran’s Day in our classroom.  We read learn about the world books and fiction books about the important holiday.  The students also loved singing and acting out the song, “You’re a Grand Ole’ Flag.”  It was so heartwarming to hear them sing.  We also talked about the meaning of the words emblem, boast, and acquaintance.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Circle pictures that begin with the letter c.

Draw something that starts with a c.

October Fun

This week was jam-packed in kindergarten!  We learned so much and smiled beautifully for our pictures this week.  I know I say it every week, but it is so amazing to watch them grow and become stronger readers, writers, and mathematicians each week.


Their cheers each day for Reader’s Workshop bring a huge smile to my face.  It is so wonderful and important that they have a love of reading.  Thank you for helping to instill this at home.  This week we continued to work on developing story language with familiar books, ones that they have read before.  Below you will be able to see a chart of my teaching points for the week.


Word Study

This week we continued to review the trick words: a, and, the, can.  At home you can try to identify these words as you read.  We have learned so many letters this year already.  The students are working on identifying the letters, their sounds, and forming the letters.  I am still trying to reinforce using the correct pencil grip to help them write.  Below are all of the letters that we have learned so far.

IMG_2554 (1) IMG_2571 IMG_2570

Writer’s Workshop

This week we talked about ways to be independent during Writer’s Workshop.  The students have been working on identifying ways to add more to their writing.  We are currently writing about topics.  They are filling their paper with everything that they know about a topic.  They love this time of day!


Reading At Home!

Week of Respect

At School Two this week we celebrated our week of respect.  The whole school defined respect as “treating others the way that you want to be treated.”  In our classroom we also talked about how respecting each other was treating each other fairly and kindly.  We read The Recess Queen about a bully who treats kids unkindly during recess, but changes when a new girl is kind to her.  This is a great book to check out at the library and have a discussion about bullying with your child.

Reading At Home

Reading at home starts next week!  On Monday your student will be taking home a book sack filled with star books.  Below is the link for more information about reading at home in our classroom. Enjoy your weekend!!!


Happy October!

I can’t believe that we have been in kindergarten for a whole month!  Time is flying.  The students are becoming accustomed to the routines and rules in the classroom.  I love watching them grow a little more each day.  They also started homework for the first time.  The students have done a great job remembering to bring it in each day.  We will be starting Reading At Home the week of October 12.  I will send out more information next week!


This week we celebrated farm animals.  Our shared reading was I Went Walking.  We talked about using the picture to read the words in the book and retelling.  Today the students will create a class book to correspond with I Went Walking.  We also have been working on private reading and partner reading during Reader’s Workshop.  The students love to share WOW pages with each other during partner reading time.


Word Study

We have progressed to forming our lowercase letters.  We started with our “tall letters” this week: t, b, and f.  The students have been learning how to form these letters and to identify their sounds.  They have had a lot of fun sorting my t, b, and f toys!


Stay dry!

-Amanda Barone

Week of September 21

Happy Friday!

This week we celebrated apples in kindergarten!  Many of our literacy and math activities centered around this favorite fall snack.  The kids enjoyed reading books and poems about apples, sorting apples, making apple prints, and making apple crafts.

We also talked about three star coloring.  The students rated their own work using stars at the top of the paper.  When we start writing our own stories next week this will be an important skill!


We also continued to build our classroom community with important lessons on “good telling” and apologizes of action.  We read the book Don’t Squeal Unless It’s A Big Deal and discussed appropriate times to tell a teacher about someone else’s behavior.  We also talked about making sure we let a teacher know if someone is hurting us or another student.  As a class we made “piggie promises” to not squeal unless it’s a big deal.


Last week we created our classroom rules together.  On Tuesday we had an important conversation about apologizes of action.  We talked about how if you hurt someone you have to fix it with words and actions.  If you break it, you fix it!


Enjoy your weekend,

Mrs. Barone